Below is my previous bio that states the birth of my Celebrity series. Since this series I have focused my energy back onto my music and it has lead me back to Hollywood. I now have a new band which is really just a rebirth of an old project The Payments. My music influences my visual art and vice versa. I'm very happy to be back the LA area. I spend my nights clubbing and supporting bands like mine. My cousin and hero John Mellencamp wrote a song called "Life is Now." well he hit it right on the dot. That is how I'm going to live it too. Jim Morrison once said, " Oh great creator grant us one more hour to perform our art and perfect our lives," I intend to live by that one as well. I hope you enjoy my art and hopefully it will inspire you to create, just as many have inpired me. Thanks, I have some new canvas and wet paint so I'll be seeing ya!

~Cameron Milton Bentley

I grew up in Winters California near Sacramento. Winters is a very small community 5000 population. I've known my whole life that I have been a talented artist, but I never thought I could actually make a living as an artist. At the age of eighteen I joined the Army for three years. I was a Parachute Rigger at Ft. Bragg NC. During my years in the army I started painting as a hobby. After the army I moved to Santa Cruz California and went to school at Cabrillo College. While in College I began learning music and started playing in bands. I received an Associates Degree in Studio Art June 1999 at Cabrillo. I then moved to Sacramento and played in a band with my twin brother, our band was called Payments. One year later, my brother joined a new band Nasscar Poets and I moved to Nashville TN. In Nashville I was hired to paint a ten foot by fifty foot wall in a new club called Voodoo. I also had fourteen of my paintings on display at a Bar downtown called Faded. I began to sell a few of my paintings. After a great summer in Nashville I joined Nasscar Poets with my brother and moved to Hollywood Ca. We spent a year playing in all the best clubs in Hollywood and many of the nearby Colleges. I was the Bass player. To make a long story short, things didn't work out for me in the band so I moved to Washington to cabin out with my parents and devote most of my time to my paintings, and that is how I produced this new series. Being in Hollywood influenced me to paint a series called "Celebrity." I met many famous people in Hollywood including Stevie Wonder.

Enjoy! CMB

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