ART TRAIN<<<< This is a look into my musical past, bands come and go but the memories and music lasts forever. Maybe we'll have reunion shows someday....
My first real band was with my twin brother and my good friend Keith Warren. We played shows in Sacramento and Davis. We had a lot of fun with this band (The PAYMENTS). The band was first formed back in Winters, 1995, we had my cousin Eric Mellencamp singing. Then we all moved to Santa Cruz together and mostly just jammed and made up songs, we never played any shows, but we did jam with our other good friend Eli pictured with us below.
PLAY SONG: Love Riddle
Left: This was Foothill we played one show in Sonora Ca. then Eli left and we became Payments again and moved to Sacramento.

Right: This is me playing bass in The Nasscar Poets at The Roxy Theatre on Sunset this was our last show as Nasscar Poets, Sept. 1st,2001.

ABOVE: This is the Nasscar Poets at the Roxy May 2001. Eli Hammond is the singer and my twin brother and I are the rythym along with our drummer Rich and lead Guitar Carl Jordan. Clay and I quit the band, Carl and Eli are keeping it going and have changed the name to The Working Poor. I quit the band in Sept 2001, my brother Clay stayed in the Working Poor, but recentley quit after getting in a fight with Eli. Click on the working poor logo to see their site.
Sept. 1, 2002 The Payments have returned.

New Line up:

Clayton Bentley- Guitar and Vocals

Cameron Bentley- Bass and Vocals

Keith Warren- Drums

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